Interview with Tuk from THE BITERS


Here is an excerpt from Issue #1’s interview with Tuk from the Biters. The Biters play old school rock and roll in a contemporary vein. They write catchy songs with great hooks and guitars. Enjoy this snippet of TEENAGE NEWS’ now OUT OF PRINT interview:

attachment TEENAGE NEWS 2

TEENAGE NEWS: If you could be anything what would you be?
Tuk:  I’d be content at all times; happy in whatever situation I’m in; have endless amounts of creativity; write this generations’ Zeitgeist; discover the fountain of youth; and have written “American Girl.”

TEENAGE NEWS: You are sharing the first issue of TEENAGE NEWS with some of your influences like Cheap Trick and the New York Dolls- what did the bands do for you?
Tuk: I love anything that’s from the heart. I love most forms of rock n roll and there sub-genres. I’m not into music for the obscurity or hipness of a current movement.

TEENAGE NEWS: The Heart Attacks did a duet with Joan Jett, did you actually get to meet her?  How was that?
Tuk: Joan Jett smokes weed and goes and crushes her vocal takes. A true rock ‘n roll talent, all hail Joan Jett.

TEENAGE NEWS: Wasn’t some other band with the same name threatening to sue you if you did not change your name?
Tuk:  Yes they were, they are a band that’s not even active anymore from Chicago.  I had to change the name to Biters. It just so happened we lost a member anyways during that time.

TEENAGE NEWS: You’ve recycled some riffs from your days with the Poison Arrows- in a sense are the Biters an improvement of your past?
Tuk: I don’t know if its an improvement of my past or just a different perspective. I know a lot more now but that doesn’t mean I don’t make the same mistakes. It’s a lot pressure having to write songs and keep material coming. I don’t think anyone really understands unless they’re a writer as well.

TEENAGE NEWS: Who are some of the bands the Biters have toured with?
Tuk: Ace Frehely, D-Generation, Riverboats Gamblers, Manitoba, Social Distortion, Wed 13, the Booze, Last Vegas, Barracudas, and a few more.

TEENAGE NEWS: What tour had the most impact on the audience?
Tuk: Probably Ace Frehely.

TEENAGE NEWS: One of your newer songs “Hallucination Generation” features the line “we belong to the D-Generation,” is that a shout out to D-Generation, the band?
Tuk: No, it’s not a shout out at all. I’m saying “degeneration,” it’s a play on words.
It’s a reference to Richard Hell’s “Blank Generation.”

TEENAGE NEWS: What was it like touring with them?
Tuk: D-Generation was AMAZING! I’m a pretty big fan so I was stoked!

TEENAGE NEWS: Anything exciting in the works?
Tuk: Yes, but I cant tell you! [Laughs].

If you enjoy what you read, support the in print version of TEENAGE NEWS available here:

By August BernadicouTEENAGE NEWS 2


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