VKTMS: 100% White Girl & No Long Good-Byes 1980



The VKTMS were a San Francisco punk band from 1978 to 1982. They released an EP in 1979 and this single in 1980. Their 1982 album remained unreleased for 12 years.  The original lead singer, Nyna Crawford, passed away in 2000; now, a new version of the VKTMS are touring San Francisco and the Bay Area.


*Nyna Crawford – vocals, lyrics
*John Edward – guitar, synthesizer
*Lou Gwerder – drums
*Steve Ricablanca – bass

US 7″ 1980 (415 – S-0010)

Produced by K. Charles Fink and VKTMS
Recorded at Parvin Studios

Well I’m just a little white girl
I get hassled every day
A poor defenseless white girl
Who can’t go out to play
The minorities they all threaten me
I can’t defend myself
I’m a nervous wreck
I’m scared to death
They’ve ruined my mental health
‘Cuz I’m a blue-eyed, blond haired white girl
And there’s no place left for me
I feel like an alien in my own society

By August Bernadicou


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