Silke Berlinn & the Addictions: Fantasy & Disco Nazi 2014


Hmm… So Silke Berlinn is the “Queen of the Underground” who got her kicks during the first-wave of punk in San Francisco and New York City. In both cities she fronted the Addictions, 533792_124713987694145_525966335_nand at one time her band was contracted to Columbia for a three record deal.  The world does not know much about Silke Berlinn; but ultimately the records were never released, and she left the music biz and the press’ eye in the 1980’s.  Now, Silke is back and better than ever, with new songs and albums.  

ISSUE#1 of TEENAGE NEWS featured a chapter from Silke Berlinn’s unpublished autobiography.  It was a short, enticing, holy-shit-what-is-this article.  Silke rocks and she tells the truth. 

Here is a little reprint:
At this time Silke’s boyfriend was San Francisco’s infamous Fast Floyd.  Fast Floyd formed Mink DeVille with Willy DeVille, and was fired right before the band released their first album. Silke pens the conversation she and Fast had after he got fired…

“The guy gets signed and dumps the band. Goes and hires that fuckin’ studio guy, what his name?” 
“Louie,” I was thinking.  “Erlanger.”
“Know how many years I played with that fuckin’ guy?” Mink DeVille. Fuckin’ guy kills me. Now he says he’s Mink DeVille, like Mink’s his first name. Mink DeVille was my band. Fuckin’ Willie didn’t know shit before me.



Fantasy is from Silke’s new album “Retropunk” which is being released in the end of December. It has silly, fun lyrics and a groove that good make the whole world dance.


Disco Nazi

Disco Nazi is Silke Berlinn’s perfect tune.  The first link is for the original version (TEENAGE NEW’s favorite) and the second is for the remake, which is also due out on “Retropunk.”

Stay tuned:

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By August BernadicouTEENAGE NEWS 2


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