Metro: Criminal World, Mono Messiah & One Way Night 1976


Metro released their only real album on Sire Records in 1976.  It is a mellow, new wave album with great pop hooks and sleek production.  The album was self-titled album, and starred Peter Godwin and Duncan Browne.  One generous  and overwhelming review declares it “an album of velvet-layered secrets and satin-sheeted mysteries, where lovers wear lace and have hearts carved from jade and the string section swells to save your ego the bother.” The album is much better than that funny description… If you find it, buy it!

Criminal World

This fan-video is amazing and looks professional quality. Thanks to whoever made it.  The video features the single edit of the track. “Criminal World” had the most hit potential on the whole album.  David Bowie covered it on his “Let’s Dance” album.

Mono Messiah 

“Mono Messiah” is one of the faster paced songs on the album.  The production on this song gives it a new wave punch.

One Way Night

“One Way Night” is a moody dance number with haunting lyrics.  


By August Bernadicou


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