The Crazy World of Arthur Brown: Rest Cure, Come and Buy & Fire 1968


Arthur Brown, “the God of Hellfire,” made his debut with “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown” in 1968.  The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s one self-titled album remains a highly influential psychedelic masterpiece.
The album was produced by the Who’s manager and producer Kit Lambert. While the album was being mixed in America, Lambert and Vincent Crane (keyboardist in the band) layered flutes and strings onto the songs. Claiming the drums sounded poor, Lampert and Crane injected the album with steroids, and pushed it into the global hit it became.  Five unorchestrated, mono tracks have been released and they almost sound like different songs!  

cover_4926171332010-1Rest Cure

“Rest Cure” is a garage-rocker, and the most underproduced song on the album.

brown-arthur-507a10f9a9a40Come and Buy

“Come and Buy” has crazy lyrics and sounds that push into pure psychedelic paranoia.  “The price of your entry is sin…”


The video is insane! “Fire” was the album’s highest charting single.

by August Bernadicou


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