Sparks: B.C., Who Don’t Like Kids & Something for the Girl With Everything 1974 Propaganda


Sparks debuted in 1971, and released their brightest and most refined pop album in 1974. “Propaganda” gave power pop validity as a genre, and a place on the commercial market.  The album remains their highest charting in America, but was a little too bizarre to stay on the charts a long time.

On the roads Sparks were a band, but in the studio they were two brothers, Ron and Russell Mael. There are many Sparks’ albums worth checking out, but “Propaganda” is their best, most art soaked and poppiest.


Who Don’t Like Kids

Ron Mael’s insane lyrics mean whatever you want.  

sparks_propaganda_1974“You got a cigar
here’s a couple
more because
the offspring are
springing through
doors into a world
of ‘Ain’t he cute,
he looks a lot like
his father'”

Something For The Girl With Everything

This was the biggest hit on “Propaganda.” Russell Mael is the fastest word stringer on record.  Without a lyric sheet, his words are just perfect pop sounds. 

“See, the writing’s on the wall
You bought the girl a wall
Complete with matching ball-point pen
You can breathe another day
Secure in knowing she won’t break you (yet)”

Stay tuned for posts on short lived bands that totally ripped off Sparks.  There were a few that came out of Los Angeles, USA where Sparks also got their start.  In We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk, Rusell told the world how he felt about the copy cat posers:Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 6.53.40 PM1.SPARKS 1974 tour - NME ad-1By August Bernadicou


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