TEENAGE NEWS 1976-1980 by Blow-Up

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“Too bad you messed up your dreams…Too bad life just ain’t what it seems”

TEENAGE NEWS is a garage rockin’ and raving compilation, a true best of, by Blow-Up.  The compilation is named after the New York Dolls’ swan song and features a dirty cover with punk harmonies. “Teenage News” and “Hangin’ Out At The 7-Eleven” are from an unreleased Bomp single (#126-A/B). “Hanging Out At The 7-Eleven” calls the bored to rock out, even if they hate Slurpees. It is a real bummer the tracks never saw an official release, “Hanging Out At The 7-Eleven” is instant punk classic; simple-sweet-catchy-bizarre.  “Armed Robbery” proves Blow-Up could make hooks out of anything idea.  Tracks 6-16, “Armed Robbery” through “You’re The One That I Want” features ace guitarist Patrick DiPuccio who now slays for the Sloths (OG LA 60’s garage band). Tracks 1-2 feature Tommy Dunbar who is best remembered for his stint in the Rubinoos.  Blow-Up, like the Rubinoos, were formed in Berkeley; but, Blow-Up eventually settled in Los Angeles, CA and conquered the first wave of LA punk…

“Souvenir” is where the band shows their formal music skills. Its acoustic melody is perfectly layered in front of a killer, electric guitar solo. The solo is not punk but that’s okay. Most punks cannot combine acoustic and electric sounds like “Souvenir” does. “Mercy Mercy” was recorded live in San Francisco, CA at the Mabuhay Gardens (broadcasted 8/16/78) and “You’re The One That I Want” was recorded In Los Angeles, CA at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go (4/3/79).  “Kicking Up A Fuss” was one of the bands most famous songs, and was featured in “Up The Academy.” It is the reason Robert Christgua claimed Blow-Up a “great smart teen tradition.”

The studio cuts on this track prove that Blow-Up had the musical chops that set them above the punk and garage genres. If you cannot dance to “On Target” you should not dance at all.  The lyrics to one of their more refined numbers (“Local Hero”) says all you need to know about Blow-Up:

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1. Too Bad (Top Cat Demo)
2. You’re All I Want (Top Cat Demo)
3. Teenage News (Unreleased Bomp)
4. Hanging Out At the 7-Eleven (Unreleased Bomp)
5. (It Isn’t) 1965
6. Armed Robbery
7. Tell It to the Judge
8. Souvenir
9. Catch Saturday Night
10. Mercy Mercy (Live At Mabuhay Gardens)
11. Kicking Up a Fuss (Single Version)
12. Just Like Anne Boleyn
13. Local Hero
14. On Target (Single B-Side)
15. Beat the Devil
16. You’re the One That I Want (Live At the Whisky)

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