An Interview with Cherie Currie the Chainsaw Chick


The following is an excerpt from Issue #2’s interview with Cherie Currie from the Runaways. The full interview and Issue#2 can be purchased here:

Before the Runaways were a movie they were a band coined up by the Lord of Garbage, Kim Fowley. The Runaways were five young girls playing, singing, and releasing studio albums on Mercury Records in the 1970’s. Cherie Curie was the lead singer in the Runaways, and is now touring and preparing the release of her new album. 

TEENAGE NEWS: How do you feel the Runaways legacy has changed over the past 37 years?
Cherie Currie: Oh my goodness. Everything has changed since the 1970’s. We are noticed; we got noticed! There are wonderful fans who have stood by us all these years. Now, I think people see see the mark we made in music. We aren’t fighting that battle anymore.

TEENAGE NEWS: Is the legacy what you believe it should be?
Cherie Currie: Yes. Absolutely. It doesn’t matter how old you are, girls can rock.

TEENAGE NEWS: How did Nigel Harrison end up playing bass on the debut Runaways record? Why couldn’t Jackie Fox play bass as credited?
Cherie Currie: Well that was Kim Fowley’s call, from what I remember. Jackie hadn’t been playing quite long enough, in his view, so he brought in Nigel to just bang it out. These records were done very quickly, in a week or two. You got two or three takes and that was it. It was done to get the part right.

The-Runaways-with-Kim-Fowley-1975-the-runaways-15493161-1280-1024TEENAGE NEWS: How did the band team up with Earle Mankey? What was his involvement in the Runaways and who were some of the other hidden players in the Runaways that often are not realized?
Cherie Currie: Earle was brought in by Kim Fowley. I love Earle, and he was wonderful to work with. He gave us a more commercial sound. He did a great job. I worked with Earle about ten years ago when we did something together. There really weren’t any other players. That record all of us, the girls, played on.

TEENAGE NEWS: The Runaways Movie sheds a new, fresh light on the band. Being 15 when you joined the Runaways, what was it a being an overnight sensation, living the life of a rock star, and not having time to spend on your youth?41Z4JETJR6L The_runaways,_queens_of_noise
Cherie Currie: Well we didn’t really live like rock stars because we weren’t getting paid. The record company was ripping us off. We didn’t make any money, we were just basically living on a little twenty dollars here and twenty dollars there kind of thing. We were really impressed after our first tour about how big our fan base. After we toured Europe and then Japan we really realized that we were successful, but we just never saw it monetarily.

TEENAGE NEWS: Your second solo album was a collaboration with your sister. What do you feel your sister contributed to the record “Messin’ With the Boys?”
Cherie Currie: It was fun to do a record with her. It was a family obligation that I felt I had to do, and I wanted her to have a taste of what it’s like to be in the record business. It didn’t go the way I hoped it would; she decided to leave after we made the record, and not tour on it.  That was not positive… It was something I had to do for family.Photo of Joan JETT and RUNAWAYS

TEENAGE NEWS: How did you team up with Redd Kross?
Cherie Currie: Oh they just asked me. Great guys. We’ve kept in touch and remained friends. Whenever they’ve needed something I’ve tried to be there for them. 

TEENAGE NEWS: What do you think of the new Bowie record? Is Bowie still as much of an inspiration as he was or have you grown above and beyond Bowie?
Cherie Currie: Oh are you kidding me? I’ll never grow above and beyond David Bowie. I love the fact that he’s still doing it. It fits perfectly with me coming back out and coming on stage again; I’ve recorded a new album… It was recorded late 2010, early 2011. I’ve got Slash and Billy Corgan on it, some great people. It’s a kickass record. It’s great because Bowie shows people that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still make music and make people happy.Cherie-Currie

TEENAGE NEWS: Tell us about your current band and plans with them!
Cherie Currie: Well my current band has my son Jake Hayes, I had him with Hunter Hayes a great actor who was famous before you were even born. Jake is 22, and a great singer and player, a real talent. I have Barry who is a brilliant guitarist from Australia and Grant Fitzpatrick who is also from Australia and is a brilliant bassist. Jake Haven is on drums, and he is a monster and a beautiful human being. I have great guys around me.

TEENAGE NEWS: Are you still the Queen of Noise?
Cherie Currie: [Laughs]. I think that Joan Jett, Lita Ford, the late Sandy West, Jackie Fox, and myself are all the Queens of Noise.


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