Vinnie Kircher Makes Brain Cream


Jaill’s new album “Brain Cream” is out now on Burger Records. Vinnie Kircher writes, sings and plays guitar in Jaill.  Before “Brain Cream” Jaill released three albums; two were released on Sub Pop Records. TEENAGE NEWS has interviewed Vinnie before, and he is featured in Issue#2.

TEENAGE NEWS: How long did you spend in the studio recording “Brain Cream?”
Vinnie Kircher:  We spent a week recording and a week mixing.

TEENAGE NEWS: Where was it recorded?
Vinnie Kircher: Resonate Studio with Louie Lino in Austin, Texas.  

TEENAGE NEWS: How did you find your current band?
Vinnie Kircher: Under rocks… John, I met at a coffee shop.  Mike, I met through our previous drummer, Austin. I’d known Josh from attending his gigs and living a few blocks apart.11261702_10155548440600416_8557712938598778563_n

TEENAGE NEWS: Who produced the record?
Vinnie Kircher: Louie Lino. He fills in on keys for Nada Surf and records their records as well as cool acts like Eternal Summers and John Wesley Coleman III.

TEENAGE NEWS: Who would be your dream producer?
Vinnie Kircher: It would be myself; if I had way more skills.

TEENAGE NEWS: Jaill has a highly original guitar sound. How did you come to develop this sound? 
Vinnie Kircher: The songs are almost always written in some acoustic, late-night playing I do. Just ideas… They get recorded (lalala) into the phone. If I go back and like a particular idea, I’ll expand on it. The recording comes later. That’s when sounds and general feel of the song are more sussed out. I appreciate the guitar compliments, but I don’t think I’ve ever crafted a song to use a specific sound. You gotta start with something that’s well written and hope the recording process doesn’t diminish its beauty or truth. Sometimes real emotions record as trite or trying too hard. It’s really disappointing. Sometimes mediocre songs record powerfully and become standouts. I’ll never know what I’m talking about.

TEENAGE NEWS: More about the guitar sound… How do you get that sound? When did you realize that you wanted to make it your style?
Vinnie Kircher: I learned guitar very slowly. Bar chords took forever. I was always writing songs with a very limited ability. When I started playing bunches of shows I kinda started practicing more, but just in my own noodling to familiarize myself more with the neck. I’ve always been more into the notes and intricacies of melodies playing together over flashy playing that is technical but somehow boring to me.

TEENAGE NEWS: Why did Jail have to change their name to Jaill?
Vinnie Kircher: A German band in 70’s had the same name.

TEENAGE NEWS: How did you pick the name Jaill? Have you ever been to jail?Vinnie Kircher: We originally formed in college. In class I was doodling (in the notebook margin) a dog with the word “jail” in its mouth. It looked cool to me, and I like the letters J and L.7260

TEENAGE NEWS: Did you find Burger Records or did Burger Records find you?Vinnie Kircher: Our previous bass player found “Sun Medallion” by King Tuff which led us to finding the Burgers Site. We liked everything on their site and sent them a record. So, we found them… MySpace.  

TEENAGE NEWS: What kind of music did you listen to as a teenager, and what kind do you listen to now? What was a band that you liked when you were younger, but when you play them now they don’t hold up the same?
Vinnie Kircher: Lots of ‘90s music doesn’t hold up. I liked Veruca Salt, The Dandy Warhols and Everclear. Those kinda don’t hold up well. I think early Wilco, Pavement and Pixies still hold up really well. I am obsessed with Jeff Buckley, “Pet Sounds,” The Kinks. The usuals… Nowadays I really only truly get the flutters of pure happy, sadness, jealousy, and gratitude when I listen to Harry Nilsson. He makes life a bit more livable.

TEENAGE NEWS: When was the last time you were afraid?
Vinnie Kircher: Yesterday, when John was driving the van.

TEENAGE NEWS: If you could be CEO of any company, which company would you like to run and why?
Vinnie Kircher: I’d like to keep bees. I’m fairly allergic though… The world needs bees.

TEENAGE NEWS: When did you realize you wanted to make music your livelihood?
Vinnie Kircher: I’ve been in love with music for a very long time. It’s more what it does for me. Creating music is the talking about my sadness that I won’t do in real life in order to seem strong.static1.squarespace

TEENAGE NEWS: What was the first concert you went to?
Vinnie Kircher: Jackson Brown. With my mom, dad, and sister Emily.

TEENAGE NEWS: Where is your favorite city to play? If you could live anywhere, where would you want to live?
Vinnie Kircher: Austin [Texas, USA] has been my fave for a while to play. I’d like to live somewhere spacious.

TEENAGE NEWS: What was the worst band you ever played with?
Vinnie Kircher: [Laughs]. I can picture a couple, but their names I don’t know.

TEENAGE NEWS: How long was Jaill around before you released your first album?
Vinnie Kircher: We made tons of albums, we just never did anything with them. It was 6 years until we got on a label.

TEENAGE NEWS: Do you sing in the shower?
Vinnie Kircher: Occasionally.Print

TEENAGE NEWS: Your new album has you as the sole writer. What was the hardest song for you to write on this new album? What song took the longest?
Vinnie Kircher: None of the songs were too hard to write. I guess “Chocolate Poison Time” took a while cause I was finishing it on a tour and playing it at people’s’ houses we were staying at. It’s usually not that way. I work at a song until I like it or discard it.

TEENAGE NEWS: Who would you like to write a song with?
Vinnie Kircher: Santigold.

TEENAGE NEWS: Who is your favorite author?
Vinnie Kircher: I’m not much of a reader, but Roald Dahl.  

TEENAGE NEWS: Do you own a cassette deck?
Vinnie Kircher: Yup…

TEENAGE NEWS: Do you think Phil Spector is innocent or guilty?
Vinnie Kircher: Guilty…

TEENAGE NEWS: Do you speak any languages besides English?
Vinnie Kircher: No, but I know some Spanish.

TEENAGE NEWS: Do you believe in soul mates?
Vinnie Kircher: I do, but that doesn’t mean I believe they match up…  Just that there is someone out there that you could wanna do everything for. They might not want it.

TEENAGE NEWS: Have you ever been in a cult?
Vinnie Kircher: Nope.

TEENAGE NEWS: When are you touring the West Coast?
Vinnie Kircher: In September, but it’s not announced yet.

TEENAGE NEWS: How often do you write songs (and record)?
Vinnie Kircher: During the good times, daily… All the time.  It’s always on the brain…10011689_10155761054610416_5389805214523746795_o

TEENAGE NEWS: Can you give some advice?
Vinnie Kircher: Smile when you are depressed. It helps out just a lil’ bit. Even if it’s fake as fuck, it opens a chance for a good thought to pop in your head; a reconciliation.

TEENAGE NEWS: How would you describe yourself in three words?
Vinnie Kircher: Up and down.

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