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It’s no secret that TEENAGE NEWS loves Bobby Jameson. He stars in both Issue#1 and Issue#2. Bobby Jameson will always be TEENAGE NEWS. 

For everything JAMESON you need to read his blog

“A written history of Bobby Jameson and his search through the past. Working my way back through the jungle of drug addiction and booze. My family life as a kid was the breeding ground for addicts. No self worth, no help, and one chance to get out alive. Music was the horse I rode out on…and the music business was the horse I rode into hell. Pronounced dead twice from drug over doses, I lived to tell how the pursuit of fame is as deadly as any narcotic I have ever used.”

Here is a short bio on Bobby Jameson:

In the early 1960’s Bobby Jameson moved to Hollywood. His first record was “Let’s Surf” and it featured Elliot Ingber. When he was 18 years old he released three singles for Talamo Records, and was advertised as “The Star Of The Century” and “The World’s Next Phenomenon.”  

When he was 19 he moved to London. In 1964 he recorded “All I Want Is My Baby” with Mick Jagger, Andrew Loog Oldham, Kieth Richards and Jimmy Page. He also recorded with the The London Symphony Orchestra. In 1965 he made his LP debut with “Songs Of Protest And Anti-Protest”  (under the name “Chris Lucey”). “Songs Of Protest And Anti-Protest” is a highly original folk-art album that was released before Love. It was produced by Marshall Leib who was in the Teddy Bears with Phil Spector. 

Next Bobby Jameson released his two anti-war power statements. The “Vietnam” single is the most compelling anti-war record released in America. He then released a single on the Current label before pairing up with his old pal Frank Zappa on two singles. Bobby can be seen in the movie “Mondo Hollywood” with then current girlfriend Gail Zappa.

Front Cover copy

In 1967 Bobby Jameson created magic. His second full length album, “Color Him In,” is the most pure and progressive psychedelic album ever. It is poetry in both lyric and melody.  It is TEENAGE NEWS’ favorite album.

Bobby Jameson released “Working” in 1969, it was his last LP. 

During this time and after so MUCH MORE happened for  Bobby Jameson.  He continued to record and remained politically and socially active for many more year. My bio does his life no justice, READ HIS STORY!

RIP 1945 – 2015



“Americans are totally unprepared for what’s going to happen to them. America is on the verge of a nervous break-down– so is the whole world.

I see evidence of this everywhere I go. Every­body is weary and afraid and unknowing and unable to straighten themselves out. They refuse to face the problems.Untitled

It’s a computerized world– nobody is really themselves and when someone ties to be themselves they are the subject of scorn and ridicule, because the others are afraid of them.” -“Beat” Magazine

“You are blind to reality, unconscious to love and deaf to all the crying.” -“Lucky” Magazine, 1967.


“A lot of young people are looking at their parents and saying. ‘I’m be supposed to be like my parents, but I don’t want to because they’re all hung-up –they’re unhappy.’ When they decide to do something different -they disagree and have to be disagreed with. And they realize that there’s going to be a fight– a psychological and sometimes physical battle which creates an ever­ growing gap– a generation gap.” -“Beat” Magazine

“And so I heard said that the young will always disagree with the elder until the young learn the way of the elder. Or could it possibly be said that the time it takes to hypnotize the young into standardization is called growing up.

BOBBY-JAMESON-14-1There is now a double standard of regard toward everything. A differ­ence in expectations of situations, a gathering of the seekers of the unseekable. There are two sides and both see themselves as right and duly licensed to express their natures. Communication between the two entities becomes less and less. Reaction toward one another be­comes totally abrupt, and lacks control. Thus a war of standards!” -“Beat” Magazine, 1966. 

On the Police:

“The police aren’t society. They’re society’s tool­ but they over-step their bounds. Law should be used for the benefit of man, but the police would not hesitate to break 10 laws themselves in order to uphold one. In my opinion, they are not acting as public servants.

The loitering law allows you to stand in any given place for 15 minutes, but if you’ve got long hair or a beard you can be standing on a corner for 30 seconds and a policeman will order you to move. That’s a violation of mans’ basic rights.”


“Been kicked out of every school I ever been to. Didn’t mind. Ran away from home, came back. Ran away from home again, came back. Then I ran away one more time, and I didn’t come back. I said I want to find out if I’m wrong, or if everybody’s wrong. I found out just about everybody’s wrong, but a lot of people think they’re right.jameson

My name is Bobby Jameson. I was born in Illinois. I guess I’m a singer. I guess I’m a writer. I sing about what I feel, and I write about what I feel, and personally it’s the only thing I care about.

So at 17, I came to Hollywood and I starved my ass off. And I mean starved, going days without eating, walking around, staying up days because you had no place to sleep.  After I’d been in Hollywood for a couple of years, all of the sudden, people were telling me I was going to be a star, I couldn’t face it. They treat you different and you didn’t know why, really, ’cause you’re still just a person. A star is a label. I watched this happen to my life for a few months until it almost drove me crazy. I was afraid of my own shadow. I couldn’t write anymore. I couldn’t sing anymore. I couldn’t do anything anymore because I just didn’t know who I was. It was like ‘I wanna see who Jameson is! I wanna see you, Bobby Jameson, because you’re hidden, you’re a phony. I said you don’t exist. I said you’re nothing!’

This society is a propagandized machine. It controls you. If you believe in it, you are a robot. You have been hyped, hypnotized, and made to believe that you are free. I am not free. No one is free.”

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