11 Bobby Jameson Hits


Bobby Jameson is beyond TEENAGE NEWS. He is the melodic prophet that never was. His songs should have drastically changed American pop culture and introduced millions to an other. Bobby’s blog serves as his detailed autobiography.

In short: When he was 18 years old he released three singles for Talamo Records.  The next year, 1964, he recorded with Mick Jagger, Andrew Loog Oldham, Kieth Richards and Jimmy Page in London. In 1965 he made his LP debut under the name “Chris Lucey.”  “Songs Of Protest And Anti-Protest” is a highly original folk-art album that was released before Love et al. Next Bobby Jameson realeased his two anti-war power statements. The single is the most compelling anti-war song released in America. He then released a single on the Current label before pairing up with his old pal Frank Zappa on two singles. In 1967 Bobby Jameson created magic. His second full length album, “Color Him In,” is the most pure and progressive psychedelic album ever. It is poetry in both lyric and melody.  “Working” was Bobby Jameson’s last LP (1969). It once again features Bobby’s introspective lyrics.  During this time and after so MUCH MORE happened for  Bobby Jameson.  He continued to record and remained politically and socially active for many more year. My bio does his life no justice, READ HIS STORY


Sparks: B.C., Who Don’t Like Kids & Something for the Girl With Everything 1974 Propaganda


Sparks debuted in 1971, and released their brightest and most refined pop album in 1974. “Propaganda” gave power pop validity as a genre, and a place on the commercial market.  The album remains their highest charting in America, but was a little too bizarre to stay on the charts a long time.

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown: Rest Cure, Come and Buy & Fire 1968


Arthur Brown, “the God of Hellfire,” made his debut with “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown” in 1968.  The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s one self-titled album remains a highly influential psychedelic masterpiece.
The album was produced by the Who’s manager and producer Kit Lambert. While the album was being mixed in America, Lambert and Vincent Crane (keyboardist in the band) layered flutes and strings onto the songs. Claiming the drums sounded poor, Lampert and Crane injected the album with steroids, and pushed it into the global hit it became.  Five unorchestrated, mono tracks have been released and they almost sound like different songs!  

Metro: Criminal World, Mono Messiah & One Way Night 1976


Metro released their only real album on Sire Records in 1976.  It is a mellow, new wave album with great pop hooks and sleek production.  The album was self-titled album, and starred Peter Godwin and Duncan Browne.  One generous  and overwhelming review declares it “an album of velvet-layered secrets and satin-sheeted mysteries, where lovers wear lace and have hearts carved from jade and the string section swells to save your ego the bother.” The album is much better than that funny description… If you find it, buy it!

Silke Berlinn & the Addictions: Fantasy & Disco Nazi 2014


Hmm… So Silke Berlinn is the “Queen of the Underground” who got her kicks during the first-wave of punk in San Francisco and New York City. In both cities she fronted the Addictions, 533792_124713987694145_525966335_nand at one time her band was contracted to Columbia for a three record deal.  The world does not know much about Silke Berlinn; but ultimately the records were never released, and she left the music biz and the press’ eye in the 1980’s.  Now, Silke is back and better than ever, with new songs and albums.  

ISSUE#1 of TEENAGE NEWS featured a chapter from Silke Berlinn’s unpublished autobiography.  It was a short, enticing, holy-shit-what-is-this article.  Silke rocks and she tells the truth. 

The Alley Cats: It Only Hurts The First Time & The Hotel 1982


The Alley Cats dominated the first-wave of LA punk.  They were fronted by then power couple Randy Stodola and Dianne Chai and backed by drummer John McCarthy.  Randy Stodola produced, wrote, sang and played guitar in the Alley Cats.  His lyrics are the most articulate, psychedelic and profound in the whole genre of punk.  These two tracks are from their last album “Escape From The Planet Earth” which was released in 1982.
Now a new version with of the Alley Cats with Randy Stodola are touring in California; check them out. 

VKTMS: 100% White Girl & No Long Good-Byes 1980



The VKTMS were a San Francisco punk band from 1978 to 1982. They released an EP in 1979 and this single in 1980. Their 1982 album remained unreleased for 12 years.  The original lead singer, Nyna Crawford, passed away in 2000; now, a new version of the VKTMS are touring San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Obscure Kim Fowley From the Silver Sixties


Here is a collection of 19 songs by Kim Fowley from the 1960’s.  In the 1960’s Kim released 5 LPs, several singles, and produced/published/wrote too many songs to count. This selection only features songs where Kim sang lead vocal and skips over the entire “Good Clean Fun” album that came out in 1968 and much of his non-psychedelic work.  Only so much garbage can fit on a single CD. Stay tuned for the best of Kim Fowley’s 1960’s productions.