Arthur Brown Still Sets Trends and Paves The Way For The Future


Since 1968 Arthur Brown has simultaneously confused, impressed, educated and shocked the world with his highly original performance art that extends untouchable concepts into the masses’ hands. He made the first performance art album, he was one of the first performance artists to tour internationally, and he was first to utilize several cutting edge technologies that both set the trend and envisioned the future. Arthur Brown’s latest invention, the “Brain Hat Helmet,” makes it possible for thoughts to create music in real time. READ AND LEARN; Arthur Brown uses his knowledge from the past to be combative in the future.


Interview with Tuk from THE BITERS


Here is an excerpt from Issue #1’s interview with Tuk from the Biters. The Biters play old school rock and roll in a contemporary vein. They write catchy songs with great hooks and guitars. Enjoy this snippet of TEENAGE NEWS’ now OUT OF PRINT interview: