You Don’t Own Me: An Interview With Silke Berlinn


Silke Berlinn is TEENAGE NEWS. When she was 15 years old she hitchhiked to California and formed her first band. TEENAGE NEWS has featured Silke Berlinn in print and online. Now we are publishing our tell all interview with Silke.

“Nobody in the world knows this stuff. It certainly hasn’t been published. You have the scoop on this. This is fresh material, and you are breaking the news. 

I was a musicans’ musician. All the people who were in the in knew who I was. I just was so fucked up, I never really grew up. I was 15 years old when I left home. No one tried to find me. My family really made no effort to find out where I was or what I was doing. I was from a rich family, but they certainly did not give me anything. No money or no help. I never asked. To this day what I have done I have done alone. It was a crazy life…”


Silke Berlinn & the Addictions: Fantasy & Disco Nazi 2014


Hmm… So Silke Berlinn is the “Queen of the Underground” who got her kicks during the first-wave of punk in San Francisco and New York City. In both cities she fronted the Addictions, 533792_124713987694145_525966335_nand at one time her band was contracted to Columbia for a three record deal.  The world does not know much about Silke Berlinn; but ultimately the records were never released, and she left the music biz and the press’ eye in the 1980’s.  Now, Silke is back and better than ever, with new songs and albums.  

ISSUE#1 of TEENAGE NEWS featured a chapter from Silke Berlinn’s unpublished autobiography.  It was a short, enticing, holy-shit-what-is-this article.  Silke rocks and she tells the truth. 

Kim Fowley the Lord of Garbage Unloads His Waste For TEENAGE NEWS


This excerpt originally appeared in its entirety in TEENAGE NEWS #1 from May 2013.  I interviewed Kim Fowley on January 9, 2013 at 9:30PM.  Kim Fowley wrote the introduction, spewing out a short 3rd-person bio.  During the interview he kept reassuring me that this would be the last interview he ever did because he was expecting to die any moment.  Over a year later, he is still alive in West Hollywood, California where the world wishes him the best as he continues his fight against cancer.  Kim Fowley has been involved in 5,000 songs and deserves recognition.